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Stefano Spina Ph.D.

Surgery and Emergency Health Care



Nationality: Italian. Civil Status: 54 years old, married with an Italo-Swedish, two children. Present condition: • Physician and Surgeon at the Casa di Cura Pio XI • Medical Manager of ROMAMEDICA (24/7 On Call Health Care) • Consulting Physician for several Insurance Companies, Airline Companies and top-level Hotels in Rome • Professional man (see below). Languages: Italian (mother-tongue), English (very good - certified J.F.L.T. Level 3/3/3/3), Spanish (good - certified J.F.L.T. Level 3/2+/3/2), French (comprehension only). Other skills: Informatics (very good) • Interests: Classical Music, Theatre, Sport Cars, Travels

EDUCATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: • Got my High School Diploma at the “M. MASSIMO”, Private Religious Institute (Scientific Studies) in 1983 • Internal student at the Military Health Academy in Florence • Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of “La Sapienza” University in Rome and qualified by the Italian Government as Medical Doctor in 1993 • Specialized in General Surgery at “Tor Vergata” University in Rome in 2004 • BLS-D and pBLS-D Qualified since 2008 • BLS-D Instructor since 2014 • Medical Officer since 1997 • More than 10,000 treated foreign patient • More than 1,500 performed surgical treatments • Professional experiences abroad: 1993 Medical Doctor at the Italian Field Hospital in the frame of the UN Humanitarian Mission in Chimoio (Mozambique) • 2000-2002 Consulting Physician for the Al-Marwa Hospital Medical equipment in Cairo (Egypt) • 2001, 2002, 2003 two months/year taking part to the UN Humanitarian Mission as ER Manager and Medical Officer at the Italian Field Hospital in Pec (Kosovo) • 2012 Director of the UN Hospital in Chaama (Lebanon) • 2017 Medical Advisor for Somali Government in Mogadisho (Somalia) • Participation to about 30 Congresses and Symposia for professional updating.

As Professional Man, I have been appointed and presently work as Reference Medical Doctor for some of the top-level hotels in Rome, as well as for some Airline Companies such as, for example: Sheraton Rome, Sheraton Parco dei Medici, Hilton Rome Airport, Hilton Garden Inn, Crowne Plaza, Parco dei Principi, Grand Hotel Via Veneto, Holiday Inn Eur, Marriott Rome Park, Marriott Courtyard, Mercure Rome West, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, KLM, Air Mauritius, Malesian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Cathay Pacific, etc., granting visits and medical assistance both to Italian and foreign patients. Due to the specific kind of medical activity connected to foreign patients, a part of my time is dedicated to Medical Reports in English and frequent contacts with foreign Insurance Companies, such as Assist Card, Balt Assistance, Allianz Worldwide Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, International SOS, OnCall International, Travel Guard, Medaire, etc.... • In case of need medical assistance and/or surgical treatment can be performed at the “Casa di Cura Pio XI” both for inpatients and outpatients.

Stefano Spina Ph.D.
Surgery & Emergency Health Care
Specialista in Chirurgia
Medicina e Chirurgia d'Urgenza
Docente di Anatomia Umana
Universita' di Roma - Tor Vergata
Casa di Cura Pio XI
Via Aurelia, 559 - ROMA (Italy)
Tel.: (+39) 06 916507507
Cell.: (+39) 334 6540931
Fax: (+39) 06 23318443

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